October 2018

What is the microbial quality of drinking water in Africa?


The United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
includes a target for achieving universal and equitable access
to safe and affordable water for all by 2030. To assess the
current state of drinking water quality in sub-Saharan Africa,
how it varies by source type, and how institutions respond
to contamination events, Aquaya researchers published an
analysis of the largest dataset ever compiled on microbial
drinking water quality on the continent:

Kumpel, E., Peletz, R., Bonham, M., & Khush, R. (2016).
Assessing Drinking Water Quality and Water Safety Management
in Sub-Saharan Africa Using Regulated Monitoring Data.
Environmental science & technology, 50(20), 10869-10876.

This brief summarizes the results of their analysis.

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