October 2019

Water Supply Landscape in Asutifi North, Ghana


  • Fecal contamination in drinking water is widespread in Asutifi North (found in approximately half of water systems), but water supplies are neither treated nor regularly tested. Isolated cases of potentially harmful levels of arsenic and fluoride also exist.
  • Some water systems can generate revenue on a consistent basis, but this is particularly challenging for community point sources. There are opportunities to improve revenue generation at all water systems.
  • Water management teams are under-capacitated and poorly compensated.
  • Focus-group discussions revealed that community members in Asutifi North generally perceive that water from boreholes and piped systems are safe to drink. They did not express a strong demand for water quality information.
  • The District Assembly (DA) does not provide adequate financial support to communities that struggle to pay for water system repairs. When the DA does provide support, it often takes several months

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