September 2020

Tom Mahin | Affiliated Expert

Working with Aquaya and the World Health Organization, Tom has led an evaluation of national drinking water regulatory programs in Bhutan and Indonesia. Tom has also supported Aquaya’s work in evaluating chlorination systems in rural Ghana and completed lab assessments in Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda. 

Tom worked for many years as an environmental engineer at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, including as regional drinking water section chief. In addition to drinking water, water pollution, and solid waste projects, his experience includes:

  • Emergency WASH responses in Haiti, Nepal, and Zimbabwe (with Oxfam); 
  • Arsenic filter research in Bangladesh and Cambodia (with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology); 
  • HIV/WASH training in Zambia, Ethiopia, and Nepal (with the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology); 
  • Evaluation of a USAID-funded multi-year private-public project in Mozambique (with Catholic Relief Services); and 
  • Supervision of UNICEF-funded rural drinking water system construction in Nepal. 

Tom holds a BS in environmental engineering/engineering science from the University of Texas at Austin and a graduate certificate in global nutrition programming from Tufts University.

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