July 2021

Peace Liz Sasha Musonge

Peace manages REAL-Water projects in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. She has international experience working at the water, science, and technology nexus in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America, especially with freshwater ecosystems. She worked on research biomonitoring projects in the Mekong River in Vietnam, the Nile River in Uganda, and the Guayas River basin in Ecuador.

During her doctoral research, Peace examined the ecological status of major rivers of the Rwenzori Mountains. This led to development of the first Ugandan biotic index for evaluating nutrient enrichment in Rwenzori rivers, using an economic metric called the Rwenzori Score. She has published ten peer-reviewed articles.

Peace holds a PhD in bioscience engineering from Ghent University, an MS in technology for integrated water management from Antwerp University, and a BS in food science and technology from Makerere University.

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