March 2022

Duncan Penfold-Brown

Duncan leads the development and implementation of Project W, Aquaya’s drive to harness the power of the data revolution for the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector. He aims to develop Project W into a leading resource for global WASH data, expanding to include representation of wide-ranging contextual data, publications, projects, organizations, and technologies.

Duncan brings experience from several years of research, consulting, and employment in the commodities industry. Prior to joining Aquaya, he applied his software engineering and data science background to several domains. Duncan began working in computational astrophysics with organizations such as the Canadian Advanced Network for Astronomical Research, Canada’s particle accelerator center (TRIUMF), and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). He then joined New York University’s research community, working first in computational biology on protein folding and genomic analysis, and then supporting applied psychological research using social media data with the Center for Social Media and Politics.

Duncan holds a BSc in computer science with a minor in Chinese language studies from the University of Victoria in Canada.

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