Project W is the most comprehensive and powerful source of global WASH data and insights.

This comprehensive WASH information platform supports effective programming, motivates greater investments, and drives progress towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Project W:

  • A centralized hub for all data relevant for WASH
  • Dedicated support for data searches
  • Customized data processing and visualization services
  • Advanced data analytics

In numbers:

  • 4,500+ data sets
  • 400+ unique web domains
  • 100+ topics covered
  • 40+ individual countries
  • Millions+ datapoints

why we’re invested

Efforts by water authorities, non-profits, and governmental agencies to address unsafe water and poor sanitation are hampered by a lack of data.

The Challenge

Aquaya has made a strategic decision to catalyze the WASH information revolution.


Despite the ambitions of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, billions of people still do not have safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. To reach everyone by 2030, we must double the rate of progress and deploy financial resources more efficiently.

WASH investments should be guided by information and evidence-based strategies, but the sector suffers from major data gaps that constrain program efficiencies and impact. The information revolution that has transformed so many fields has not yet reached the WASH sector.

Project W is being designed to amplify the impact of existing investment in WASH programming as well as to enable WASH players to attract greater financial investment to the sector.

Data is essential to maximize the impacts of wash investments

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Service Provision




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